Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heat and Shoes

Myra and I went to check out Brenda Hoffert's open exhibition of "Shoes" at Gallery 888 today as a part of the CONTACT Photography Festival. It really piqued our interest, not only because of our love for shoes, but because of Hoffert's intention of getting to know people through the statements made by footwear. Getting there was a bit disappointing, however. I expected to see more but the quantity was low, about 8-10 framed photographs, without much variety. The room it was set in had very limited space, and the gallery itself seemed to be a modest keep.

Nonetheless, we did fancy a couple:
This one is called "Fashionista". The Louboutins made that quite obvious.

I don't remember what this one was called, but Myra and I loved this the most.

Besides the "Shoes" disappointment, we did have quite an eventful day. Both being non-drivers and also being recently deprived of metropasses, we naturally trekked along Queen St E, to and fro the gallery, despite the sky-rocketing temperature and humidity levels. Making pit stops here and there, we noticed a strange mix of eclectic/interesting and overall sketchiness around that part of town.