Sunday, September 5, 2010

a get-to-know-us-through-pictures kind of post

summer at the Abbey
The photo above is of our old high school, where Shantel, Myra and I all went.

Typically, we would all bask in the sun during our spare/lunch come May and June - not only because the romance of summer, heat, and sweet freedom were almost upon us but also due to the fact that our main (junior) cafeteria would get all gross and extra-humid in the summertime. Plus, said cafeteria looked like a very large bathroom, with vomit-green tiles all over the walls and floor. I wish I was kidding. How could anyone stay in and be expected to keep their appetite?

Getting out and smelling the roses were kind of a given in high school. Overall, I can't really say university is that much different.

More recently, Myra has officially moved out to her Kingston apartment this week, but much correspondence will (must) take place.