Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"Hatred is like a long, dark shadow. Not even the person it falls upon knows where it comes from, in most cases. It is like a two-edged sword. When you cut the other person, you cut yourself. The more violently you hack at the other person, the more violently you hack at yourself. It can often be fatal. But it is not easy to dispose of. [..] Once it has taken root in your heart, hatred is the most difficult think in the world to shake off."
— Haruki Murakami (The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle)

Things to note as the end of January approaches:
1. Lazy mode should not begin now.
2. Catch up with sleep. It misses you dearly.
3. Go home more often.

It seems like I can't catch up with time, because I have so many goals set for this year, I don't really know how to organize them properly. Maybe I'm just too lazy to start, or too eager to multi-task. I don't think it's the later option, either.