Thursday, March 24, 2011

on-line theft

When Myra, Shantel and I first mused about starting a group blog, we agreed on focusing on the positive and the  inspiring. Of course, it also never occurred to us that people would take advantage of internet anonymity -- BIG MISTAKE.

Last week, one of my media classes debated much about "intellectual property" and what exactly it entails. It got pretty heated as technology and media gets updated so often that lines get blurred, definitions perpetually compromised.
Now, I've heard various cases of identity thefts on the internet, but I certainly never imagined it to happen to anyone close to me -- or even to myself.

One of Shantel's followers on tumblr alerted her that the page above copied much of her posts verbatim.

Shantel then notified me that my photos were stolen as well.

That's right, folks. Photos from my birthday weekend were stolen... except I'm pretty sure there was no Stephanie and especially not a "Kikay" in attendance.
In this photo, you can see our cups of tea, my phone, a glimpse of my friends - MJ reading Amanda's sweet birthday note and Georgia sitting right across, her head conveniently blocked by the antique Cold War globe my friend Melody gave me as a present.

Of course, knowing Shantel, this wasn't a case to be ignored.
This "Kikay" person behind the above thefts was immediately reprimanded with swears and a well-constructed hate speech, I'm sure. And without skipping a beat, "Kikay" (sorry, I just can't stop using all the scare quotes) immediately deleted her page to avoid any further confrontation.

But then...

How does one explain her abrupt flight from the land of Tumbls to her beloved followers?!

The Return of "Kikay"...
entailed, um, an unnecessary public documentation of GERD and...

Anyway, isn't it funny how she subtly incorporates some kind of reverse psychology on us in her first post? K, guys, I took down my tumblr because people were stealing my stuff and messaged me about it. So, obviously the logical thing to do was to run because I'm, like, totally not guilty - WHAT?

What kind of person has the gall to pull this, I'll never know. So kids, be wary, and blog safely!

PS. If you've experienced something similar or just want to talk, shoot us an e-mail at!