Monday, July 12, 2010

champagne supernova.

When you’ve found your once in a lifetime, any time is worth the wait.

I've forgotten how good it feels to wake up, voluntarily, in the early morning. Being quite the nocturnal owl (4AM has nothing on me, folks), I never seem to catch how amazing it feels to prepare breakfast, read over a newspaper, and go for a morning stroll around my neighbourhood.

The goal for the summer is to become much more appreciative of what we have. Start in the morning:

1. Give yourself some time to stretch your body, as you prepare for a stress-free day. Before moving out of my bed, I start up a playlist to get my senses going (check: morning mix)

2. I always prepare some fresh coffee and toast, and some fruits I pick up at the local farmers market. I always prepare breakfast before my shower, so I can take a little more time soaking my body.

3. Don't bother with the T.V, until your ready to head out. I personally feel that watching T.V destroys your natural vibe with the morning, so I instead pick up the newspaper, and get my read on. It's quieter, and much more relaxing, than having a news anchor throw you awkward topics at the speed of sound.

4. Breathe, love. Take some deep breaths, before you read over the daily agenda. This way, you can focus on what is actually important, versus what's on the schedule. I've begun this little routine, and I feel much more eased out throughout the day.

5. Little things add up, m'darlings. Try this routine out, and see how much calmer you become!