Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ice cream and music attribute to a great summer.

I'm gradually getting back to the swing of things. My mild insomnia that transpired over the course of the past few months has essentially gone away. Thanks to copious amounts of allergy medication and a fully-booked, tiresome vacation schedule (oxymoron?). Waking up in the early morn like the rest of the world is so refreshing. And of course, nothing beats a hearty breakfast to kick-start a day.

I met Myra early in the afternoon today to catch up and exchange stories, naturally. We stopped by Public Butter in Parkdale just to browse and potentially shop. Myra almost bought a cute little hat straight from the '60s, but she eventually decided against it. That girl. She promises to post more on this here blog, by the way - under the condition of having me point a gun to her head, so to speak. (Her terms, not mine.)
Fast forward to the Big Chill, where The Morning Benders were set to play a free performance - by way of Soundscapes - we all got our much-needed fix of ice cream. The weather wasn't as unbearable as it was in Washington, DC or Woodbridge, VA, where I just recently visited, but it wasn't entirely pleasant either. Hints of nimbus clouds formed to tease us, but it didn't pour. Thank goodness.
Chris from The Morning Benders
The acoustic performance was short and sweet. I think everyone thereafter all proceeded down to Union Station for Metric's "worst-kept-secret" show. By the time we arrived, the streets were already filled with thousands of psyched fans and curious passersby. Unimpressed and totally beat by the increasing temperatures, we didn't stay too long in the sea of people.